Fábio Polli Rodrigues

Fábio is one of the founding partners of our firm. With a master's degree in Procedural Law, he not only contributes to the ever-evolving legal discourse through published articles but also excels in corporate and business disputes, including arbitration. Fábio is an experienced lawyer adept in handling both domestic and international contracts.

Natália Montserrat

Natália holds a dual degree. In addition to being a lawyer with a postgraduate degree in civil law, she is also a graduate in business administration, with a postgraduate degree in international trade. This unique combination equips Natalia with a nuanced understanding of the challenges and needs encountered by businesses, offering clients a comprehensive and insightful perspective.


Jamile Andrade Araujo

Jamile represents the new generation of legal professionals. In addition to her work in Business Law, she has a keen focus on emerging technologies, social media, and their intersection with the law. Jamile also possesses the knowledge and adeptness to navigate the bureaucratic challenges that persist in Brazilian law.