We were founded 16 years ago in São Paulo by lawyers with an academic background, experience with prominent clients, and a focus on serving businesses and investors. Over the years, we have undergone changes and evolution, but our essence remains the same.

We believe in ethical legal work based on four principles: knowledge, experience, strategy, and creativity. We work so that our clients can establish new businesses, thrive, and defend their rights with legal certainty, minimizing the chances of issues and disputes.

Sometimes, litigation is unavoidable. When it happens, we work to resolve it in the most efficient way, advising our clients in negotiating and mediating the conflict, or taking appropriate measures in arbitration, administrative, or judicial contexts. We develop forecasts and strategies for each type of situation or case, identifying the most suitable approach.

Our practice is multidisciplinary. We have knowledge and experience in the areas of administrative, civil, commercial, consumer, international, and procedural law. However, our expertise lies in business matters: national and international contracts and corporate relationships.